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Our History


Bmore Technology Logo IconThe Birth of Bmore Technology

Jim Merritt and Steve Sexton dreamed of owning their own business years before working together as contractors for the US Army.  They shared their plans for the future while supporting the Force Health Protection (FHP) Conference in August 2003. As the days passed and they formulated their ideas over beers at Maloney’s Tavern in Albuquerque, NM, Jim and Steve could see the possibilities. Over the next several months, Jim and Steve planned the groundwork and on June 11, 2004, Bmore Technology, LLC became a reality, when they signed the paperwork at a local McDonald’s.

Building Bmore Technology From the Ground Up

In those early days, the Bmore Technology server ran in Jim’s basement and random power and Internet outages added excitement and frustration. They continued to work their full-time day jobs and serviced their clients on nights and on weekends. Six years later, in 2010, Bmore Technology had grown to the point where their customers needed more attention. Jim and Steve decided to take the company to the next level, so Jim quit his job to start full-time for Bmore Technology.

After a year of running Bmore Technology out of Jim’s house, Jim and Steve agreed it was again time for a change and opened their first office when they subleased a 15’x15’ office from a client. After just a few short weeks in the new office, it was time to grow. On April 4, 2011, Bmore Technology officially hired its first employee, Jack, to help meet the demands of the expanding business. Jack’s responsibility was to assist clients so Jim and Steve could continue to grow Bmore Technology.

The Turning Point

In September of 2011, Bmore Technology purchased a book of business from a former employer. This purchase doubled Bmore Technology’s client base overnight and allowed Steve to join the team full-time and work with Jim to create standard processes and grow Bmore Technology. The good news was Jim and Steve could focus all their time and energy on their clients. The bad news was a 15’x15’ office was a tight squeeze for the three men. They often found themselves referencing the Seinfeld episode where Kramer talks about building levels in his apartment as a way to take advantage of every inch of space.

Finally, in February 2012, Bmore Technology hit the limits of cramped office space when Jim and Steve hired a second employee. During the interview process for Joe, Bmore Technology was looking for a new home. As it usually happens, the timing wasn’t perfect and Joe spent his first two months working on a white folding card table in the middle of the 15’x15’ space. Luckily Joe stuck with Bmore Technology and didn’t quit!

In April of 2012, Jim and Steve signed a lease so Bmore Technology could make the big move to new office space. It was official; Bmore Technology was a store front business. They look back at the move as more than a convenience because the bigger office allowed them to be more efficient and better serve their growing list of clients. Between the noise from the server rack and the random power and Internet outages at the office, Bmore Technology moved their servers offsite to a local data center. This move allows Bmore Technology to support its clients when the office is without power, the Internet, or closed due to inclement weather. With clients from New England to Texas and many places in between, Jim and Steve want to be available when their clients need them most.

People, Processes, and Products

Since those early days, Jim and Steve have focused on building the three P’s (People, Processes, and Products) to help clients look at technology as a tool to grow their business rather than an expense that hinders it. Every day is a learning experience for Bmore Technology and their clients, and Jim and Steve love every minute of it.

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